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Dear users the Internet.

On this page you can choose a casino or a casino club for rent by design. After choosing a casino, visit the game selection page for your casino by clicking on the link: to choose casino and games

Casino V.I.P

Casino club V.I.P

Casino club V.I.P

Dear users the Internet.
To data of owners of clubs, shops, restaurants, the Internet of cafe, bars and so on. The administration casinofull offers you mutually advantageous Cooperation. Casinofull-is engaged in development of new high-quality scripts for clubs, clubs on 7
are offered Languages (Russian, English, Italian, German, French, Spanish), and also represents up to 500 games and slots automatic devices for
Casino, from 11 world famous manufacturers, game on your choice. Games completely test on working capacity, parameters of games at an output 1 to 1. The separate panel of the manager of a casino, with set of convenient options, you have an opportunity to add clubs, dealers, to add and delete players, to change game balances of players of your club-casino, and also to operate all games of your casino. Games of a casino cope by means of the administrator of options for percent of prizes, and on bank of each game.. We offer you rent of club casinos our completely checked up and ready to work + maintenance service (24 hours per day without days off).
On the given site you can rent high-quality online of a casino.
1. We lease only the qualitative and checked up scripts.
2. At us a wide range of games for a casino, more than 500 games. Among games offered to you: card, roulettes, bones, slot automatic devices, the multiuser games, lotto, jumps and many other things.
3. We render services of tenancy online of a casino on a turn-key basis - any high-quality script + a hosting, the domain, a server + any games, with correct mathematics + maintenance service 24 hours per day.
4. Concerning rent of a casino you can address on our contacts

We represent your attention 5 packages of rent of a casino and games.

All the prices are presented to euro. The price is installed for a rent in 1 month = 30 day. At payment for three months the discount of 20 % from a total cost of a rent of the package of rent chosen by you is stipulated.

Difference of games of club of the developer casinofull from other clubs

1. The mathematics which is installed on the given games you anywhere do not buy, as all games test and without failures and listen to the manager of a casino. We do not sell mathematics of the given games, as the given mathematics of games is specially developed for really working club - a casino.
2. Clubs which are offered for rent have some degrees of protection.
3. For convenience of your players the keyboard is adapted. To play club the computer mouse it is not obligatory. For example having pressed a blank - reels turn. Buttons of the keyboard - have functions in which your players easily and quickly will understand.
4. Games work in mode Touch Screen
5. Games can work in three modes of the screen mode Full Screen, a mode of a stretching on all screen, a mode normal
6. All games have the button of updating of the account not leaving from game. Many clubs have a problem. The example at you remains 5 credits and you twist a reel having put the last 5 credits in game. If to you thus prize-winning game or a prize that in other clubs game will drop out is simply disconnected also you cannot take away last prize as your balance makes 0 credits. In our games this problem is solved at that if you at last rate have won but at you the balance shows 0 credits that you simply fill up the account and press the button to update balance not leaving from game.
7. Fast loading of games. Even at low speed the Internet of connection you can load games without failure.
8. Our clubs can receive payment from such systems as Paypal, Webmoney and so on with automatic updating the account after payment.
9. You can create the business in a network as in the panel of the manager you can create and give the credit to dealers, dealers can create and give the credit to shops, shops can create and give the credit to players. At the manager, dealers and shops different control panels. The manager has an opportunity to edit and operate dealers, shops and players.
10. An opportunity of viewing online of the monitor and online of banks and % of feedback of games at present time. And many other things.
11. We give to you an opportunity of a choice of games for the club. At us more than 500 games for a casino, all games have a high rating in the countries of the Europe and America.
12. In case of what or problems the technical help from the operator in a network at once will be given to you.
13. Games of club work correctly but if you will not like work what that games or if you want to change rates of game we shall execute your wish on change of mathematics or the rate of any game.